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K2 Developer

Industry: IT / Oil and Gas


  • The K2 Developer is an expert in the K2 low-code process automation platform, leading the design and end-to-end implementation of K2 solutions to meet a variety of business needs across the organization.

  • The K2 Developer works closely with the client end users to understand and document the business needs, gather detailed requirements, and design solutions incorporating K2 forms and workflow best practices.

  • The K2 Developer is responsible for developing business process workflow designs, data models, business rule definitions, user interface designs, technical specifications, test plans, and training materials.

  • Additionally, the K2 Developer builds out solutions using K2 Cloud and SharePoint Online, integrated with various line-of-business systems and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies.

Job Description:

  • Identify, understand, and document client business objectives and needs

  • Identify current state processes and technologies

  • Lead effective requirements/design sessions with the client

  • Work with the client to translate objectives and needs into a streamlined business process and succinct set of documented business requirements

  • Develop logical data designs

  • Design user-friendly forms & optimized workflow strategies using K2 best practices

  • Implement best practices for data access and security

  • Perform iterative development cycles and lead client review demonstrations

  • Build out data structures, SharePoint sites, and implement K2 technical solutions

  • Perform thorough testing to certify K2 solutions for production launch

  • Provide production support for live K2 solutions

  • Provide leadership in the development and deployment of K2 combined with domain expertise in a variety of industry sectors

  • Support client projects / programs with K2 leadership in developing and applying methodologies and tools to support delivery of K2 solutions

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