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Regional Technical Services Geoscientist/Engineer (Americas)

C&C Reservoirs is seeking a Geoscientist or Reservoir Engineer for the role of Regional Technical Services Geoscientist/Engineer (EMEA). This is a key customer-facing role for C&C Reservoirs and will be responsible for client engagement throughout the Americas region. 

C&C Reservoirs was formed more than 25 years ago to collect, standardize and synthesize data on the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. We provide our subscribers with reservoir reports, a digital knowledge base, and a suite of powerful data analytics tools, all underpinned by a pioneering classification system, and delivered by our cloud-based subscription service, DAKS™ (Digital Analogs Knowledge System).

DAKS is trusted by super-majors, independents, and national oil companies of all sizes, and is used as an essential tool to increase decision quality at all stages of the exploration and production life cycle.

Working in collaboration with other geoscientists, reservoir engineers and support staff, the successful candidate will be responsible for leading subscriber engagement and improving client usage of C&C Reservoirs’ Digital Analogues Knowledge System (DAKS). This analogue intelligence summarizes geological understanding and production performance of key oil and gas fields worldwide. The role will design, develop, and implement bespoke training for customers, contribute to benchmarking and evaluation projects, and create outreach and communication material for new and existing customers.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a range of subsurface topics throughout the exploration and production life cycle, from prospecting to development strategies, controls on production performance, reservoir management, improved recovery and EOR techniques. Sound understanding of the above topics and practical experience with an established upstream operator is necessary for the candidate to effectively communicate the value of DAKS to our customers. Excellent customer-facing skills, including insight into common exploration and production challenges, problem-solving, and attention to detail are essential, along with the motivation to leverage analogue knowledge from global hydrocarbon discoveries and apply this to individual customers’ needs. 

The position will report to the Director of Geoscience. This position is only open to those with a legal right to work in the USA.


  • Master’s Degree in Geoscience/Petroleum Engineering or related field (Required)

Required experience

  • Upstream exploration and/or development experience: 2-3 years (required), 5 years (preferred).

  • Proven experience in exploration or asset development with an established operator.

  • Experience in service sector subscriber engagement desirable.

  • Demonstrated effectiveness in training and mentoring highly desirable.

  • Excellent written and spoken English. Technical fluency in Spanish highly desirable.

Salary expectations:

  • Job Type: Full-time

  • Dependent on experience  


  • Eligible for company healthcare, bonus, retirement, and work-life policies


  • Up to ~30% of time, within Americas region

Location: Houston, TX

Apply here:

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