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Software Engineer-Python

We are actively interviewing candidates for a Software Engineer-Python opportunity.

Our client is a Software company rooted in Machine Learning and Data Science with a mission of building software that delights end-users.

We are building a Cognitive System to augment human intelligence for Oil & Gas exploration & production activities. We are pioneering a technology that will help technical teams and their management make better decisions in a fraction of the time previously required and ultimately decrease the risk of their investments.

We are seeking a generalist Software Engineer with a very strong background in writing and working with production-ready Python code.

For this role a variety of different technical backgrounds (back-end, systems, etc) is welcome; regardless of specialty. What is really appealing to us is your ability to be highly productive in a fast-paced, iterative development environment. Writing clean modular code, with an appreciation of OOP design principles and the ability to reason well about the interaction of complex systems is highly desirable. Caring deeply about performance, resource footprint, elegant coding with a great understanding of data structures and algorithms is highly desirable.

Experience working on production quality Python code is highly desirable. A language agnostic attitude toward development is a plus.
Strong ability to define problems, formulate solutions, effectively collaborate, communicate and execute.

Ability to work boldly with a sense of urgency. Embrace mistakes, learn from them, and help drive the team toward success.


  • Producing high quality scalable, maintainable and reliable software in Python.

  • Participate to on-going R&D research, propose, implement, test, and validate innovative ideas.

  • Refactor, maintain and further develop the Company algorithms libraries.

  • Porting R&D code into robust production-ready code.


  • Experience working on production quality Python code.

  • Highly motivated and can work autonomously.

  • Strong conceptual knowledge and deep understanding of Computer Science fundamentals - algorithms,

  • Data structures, design patterns and Distributed Systems.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

  • Good familiarity of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design concepts.

  • Work effectively both as an independent contributor and as part of the team.

  • High level of productivity in producing demonstrable software that satisfies end-users.

Apply here:

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