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Our Services

direct hire recruting desk contract being read over

Direct Hire Recruiting

At Forty-Five Group we understand and appreciate the importance of identifying and hiring the right talent for your organization. Adding anyone causes a momentary disruption so making sure we add the
right person is extremely important. What you can expect from 
Forty-Five Group during a search is a weekly update on the search progress, an on-going dialogue between the hiring manager and recruiter, and a professional engagement with candidates which includes interview prep and overall interview feedback. Additionally, Forty-Five Group provides all clients with invaluable market intelligence which includes salary comparison, organizational perception, and interview process feedback.

Remember, if you want to be the best you need to hire the best.

For a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can support your talent acquisition goals, please contact Forty-Five Group at or 832-866-6271.

Strategic Staffing

Forty-Five Group Provides

  • Identify, source, and locate skilled candidates and subject matter experts from a vast network of sophisticated searches and tools met with each client company

  • Qualify and assess candidate competency to ensure hiring goals are exceptionally selection, offers, hires and onboarding

  • Qualified Candidates, coordinate all interview details surrounding candidate

  • Proactively apply best practices to ensure recruitment process is efficient and cost effective

People 2.0 Provides

People 2.0 is an industry leader in providing comprehensive back office support to recruiting and staffing firms. People 2.0 assumes responsibility for the financial, legal, and administrative tasks such as:

  • Serves as the “employer of record” for contract workers in all 50 states and Canada

  • Payroll funding on a weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly basis

  • Payroll processing, invoicing, credit analysis, ACA compliant healthcare and extended benefits for workers

  • Provides all required insurances including workers’ compensation, professional, and general liability coverage


Working Together for You

  • Through the formation of a strategic alliance, both People 2.0 and Forty-Five Group specialize in core strengths providing a better, more comprehensive service to client companies.

  • Forty-Five Group effectively manages the entire recruitment lifecycle. This time sensitive and specialized technique is best accomplished by an experienced recruiter focused solely on each step of the recruitment process.

  • As back office experts, People 2.0 employs contract workers in all 50 states and Canada reducing complexities involving employment eligibility, regulations, payroll, taxes, insurance, and healthcare benefits. The knowledgeable and trained People 2.0 staff are dedicated to performance, detail, and compliance.

  • Forty-Five Group and People 2.0 partner together offering a full turnkey solution for temporary and contract staffing. We combine critical recruiting skills with dependable, accurate back office support. This efficient and cost effective solution helps client companies save time, valuable resources and significantly minimizes risk.

recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Organizations of all sizes have benefited from engaging in this manner. The need for highly skilled talent is at an all-time high. Many organizations simply do not have the recruiting power, expertise, and /or bandwidth to compete. When working with Forty-Five Group’s RPO division you can expect unparalleled recruiting professionals, the ability to focus on a particular discipline (IT, Sales, F&A, etc), and the ability to right-size your recruiting effort. Whether you need a team of 10 recruiters to hire 250 employees or one recruiter to off-load a temporary spike in your current pipeline, we are here to support your efforts.

For a complimentary consultation to discuss how Forty-Five Groups RPO offering can be best leveraged within your organization please contact or 832-866-6271.

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